Hearing Services

Diagnostic Services

  • Multi-transducer air conduction testing 
  • Bone conduction testing 
  • Speech Recognition Threshold testing 
  • Speech in noise testing 
  • Word Recognition Testing 
  • Tympanometry 

Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing aid evaluations, fittings, and dispensing 
  • Real Ear Measurements for verification of hearing aid fitting 
  • Hearing aid and earmold maintenance and repair, regardless of where you purchased your hearing aid 
  • Hearing aid programming for SoundGear, Starkey, GN ReSound, Unitron, Phonak, Oticon, and Signia 
  • Telecoil (T-coil) activation and training for use with phone and looping technology 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 


  • Caption Call
  • Care Credit
  • Video Otoscopy 
  • Wax Removal 
  • Hearing assistive technology evaluations and dispensing (ex: remotes, remote microphones, assistive TV systems, etc…) 
  • Custom swim molds 
  • Custom hearing protection 
  • Hearing Screening/Testing for ODOT, Captain’s License, State Highway Patrol School, etc. 

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